Welcome dreamer.

You are unique, an individual set apart from nearly every inhabitant in the world of Ava. People see you as strange, revered, or a pariah to be extinguished. Why you ask?

Because you dream.

When you rest your head at night, and sleep comes washing over you, visions appear in your head. Wondrous, fantastical journeys into the realm of the neverwas.

But not everyone dreams.

In fact, no one has had a single dream in the past thousand years. People have gone about their lives, content with their stations in life, never thinking to go beyond, to achieve more, to become something new. Now they see you, someone with visions, crazy, unfamiliar. . .


But you are not alone.

There are rumors of other dreamers, other individuals possessing this strange power of visions.

Naturally, questions arise: why do you have this gift? Who gave it to you? Why are you receiving this gift now? And most importantly—what do you do with it?

That’s up to you to decide.

Welcome to Ava, dreamer.

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