About the Campaign

Welcome to “A WORLD WITHOUT DREAMS”, an experimental, homebrewed D&D campaign setting. What that means is this campaign is taking some of the elements of Dungeons & Dragons and altering them so that what you see here is different from any other gaming system out there.

So what do I mean when I say “A WORLD WITHOUT DREAMS”? Well, I mean exactly what I’m saying. Imagine a place where no one dreams. At night, you just sleep. No images. No sounds. Nothing. How would you be different? Would you act differently? Think about having your whole life grounded in what your perception tells you. Imagine such a world. That’s the world this campaign takes place in.

My vision is a wide, fully-explorable world where the player characters drive the story. After all, they’re the first dreamers in a thousand years! (However, they are NOT the first dreamers ever). Imagine if you saw things at night that no one else around you could see. You can perceive things other than how they are. Sure, people around you may be creative, have imaginations, be driven to great heights, but they don’t possess that true spark, that driving force our dreams so often turn out to be.

So the world really revolves around the PCs. This world, Ava, has become stale and bogged down in the same old traditions of the last millennium. It’s time for you to shake it up. Make earthquakes happen, take down the main establishments of the world. Build an army. Build a kingdom. Become a god. And whatever happens, happens. And it’ll all be logged right here on this wiki.

Please check out the material on this site and give your feedback in the appropriate forum. And above all, have fun!


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About the Campaign

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