Achievements are accomplishments that a character has attained through his or her adventuring career. They represent a unique flare to your character through a bonus attainable by tracking your progress toward the achievement. Once you have reached the achievement, you immediately gain the benefit listed for that achievement. You can earn a maximum of 5 achievements throughout your character’s career.

(4th edition feats from this wiki are presented in parentheses)

Addicted (Addict)
Slobbering drunk (Alchoholic)
Aware (Awareness)
Well-traveled (Calloused)
Calm under fire (Combat Medic)
Practiced magic-user (Controlled Magic)
Daring (Daredevil)
Sniper (Deadeye)
Wrecking ball (Devastating Critical)
Die another day (Diehard)
Wicked (Dirty Fighter)
Elementalist (Elemental Focus)
Hit ‘em while they’re down (Executioner)
Make it rain (Expensive)
Team-player (Helpful)
Idealist (Ideologue)
First (Improved Initiative)
Sleep when you’re dead (Insomniac)
Feller of trees (Legendary Lumberjack)
Hoarder (Pack Mule)
Convincing (Persuasive)
Good karma (Philanthropist)
Psychotic (Psychopath)
Break everything (Smasher)
Experimented on (Spell Resistance)
Sneaky (Stealthy)
Tough as nails (Steel Skin)
Won’t back down (Sturdy)
They see me rollin’ (Thug)
These dice are trying to kill me (Unlucky)

Minor feats are not included in the 5th edition crossover because they can be more easily incorporated into alternate background benefits

5th edition


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