Character Creation

1. Determine your ability scores. For A World Without Dreams, you use a point-buy method.

All of your six ability scores (Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma) start at 10.

You then have 10 points to buy abilities. Reducing your score below 10 gives you 1 point per point reduced (going to 9 gives you 1 point, to 8 gives you another point, etc.)

Going from 10 to 13 costs 1 point per point increased (so it takes 3 points to go from 10 to 13).

Going from 13 to 14 and from 14 to 15 costs 2 points each (so from a score of 10 to a score of 15 costs 7 points).

Going from 15 to 16 and from 16 to 17 costs 3 points each (so from a score of 10 to a score of 17 costs 13 points).

Going from 17 to 18 costs 4 points (so from a score of 10 to a score of 18 costs 17 points). You can’t increase an ability score past 18 during character creation.

2. Decide what Region your character is from. Each region gives you a special bonus.

3. Decide your Background. Each background provides certain roleplaying bonuses and penalties, and starting gold.

4. Choose your Race. Your race defines your physical appearance, what ability score bonuses and penalties you receive, and any other special bonuses you get from your race.

5. Determine your Awakening. Your Awakening is your power source; it determines what Dreams you can choose and your general place in the world.

6. Choose your Dreams. You gain two Major and two Minor dreams*, plus any bonus dreams you get from your race. You also gain the Health, Skill, and Ability dreams for free at character creation.

7. Choose your Feats. You can choose up to 10 feats to work towards.

8. Choose your Equipment.

9. Fill out all your roleplaying details.

*You do not have to choose both major or minor dreams right away. You can start with just one and add another one later at any time. You can’t apply XP to a dream you haven’t selected, and if you choose to change one of your existing dreams, you lose all the XP spent on that dream and all the benefits of that dream.

Or, if you’re feeling lucky, you can go for Random Character Creation

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