Major Dreams


HealthIncreases your hit points.
SkillIncreases your skills.
AbilityIncreases your ability scores.


BrawlerA rowdy fighter that fights with fists.
BlademasterSpecialist with a blade.
DefenderFocused on defenses and protection.
AcrobatHigh mobility and focus on skills.
ThiefGood at stealing and backstabbing.
HighlanderWields two-handed weapons and gains bonuses for killing enemies.
KnightWell-armored warrior with additional social skills.
HunterFocused attacker and woodsman.
GladiatorLightly-armored fighter who gains glory from kills.
ArcherMaster with the bow.
DaggermasterAficionado with daggers.
Drunken MasterGrows stronger with alcohol.
Martial ArtistDisciplined warrior adept with unusual weapons and no armor.
Whirling AxeDeadly combatant with axes.


OracleSeer into divine secrets and things yet to come.
ProphetDeclares doctrine of religion to believers and unbelievers alike.
PriestAttends to the needy in the name of the holy.
PaladinStrong, well-armored divine warrior.
HealerCures wounds and illnesses.
JudgeLevies judgment on the wicked.
InvokerCalls upon raw divine might to blast enemies.
Chosen OneProphesied hero with uncanny luck and ability.
AngelicInfused with divine blood of angels.


ScholarStudent of magic, capable of learning any spell.
SummonerConjurer of a myriad of creatures great and small.
BardMaster of magic songs, student of ancient draconic ways of storytelling.
BladesingerExotic fighter wielding spell and sword.
EntropistHarnesses chaotic magics and wreaks havoc with wild spells.
EvokerDecimates foes with evocation magic.
IllusionistFools the senses with deceiving spells.
EnchanterChanges physical properties of objects through magic.
ScryerUses arcane means of seeing the unseen and hearing the unheard.
AlchemistMixes strange concoctions for various uses.


ShapeshifterAssumes animal forms at will.
Spirit-talkerConverses with the primal spirits to work wonders.
WardenGuardian of the natural world, strong as the mountains.
RagerUses the primal fury of the wild to ravage and maim.
SavageMember of the isolated tribes of Ava, a fierce animal-like fighter.
SeekerWith bow in hand, seeks to undo the wrongs committed against nature.
HagWorker of mischievous, strange magic bubbling forth from black cauldrons.
DryadOne with the primal world, linked forever to a hometree.
DruidSpeak for the trees and the dying world of nature.


PenumbraConsumed with a desire to cover the world in shadow.
DiabolicalConsorts with devils in exchange for unbridled power.
NecromancerRaises the dead for dark and sinister purposes.
AssassinDealer of death.
Plague-bearerDisgusting mage dealing in poison and diseases.
BloodmageUses the magic of blood to infuse spells with deadly power.
TyrantCommands followers with an iron fist.
OutsiderBizarre creature in tune with otherworldly entities.


TelepathicReads minds and lays bare thoughts.
TelekineticUses mental power to move objects.
ManifesterCreates objects with a mere thought.
MastermindCommands followers with mental manipulation.
EmpathAlters emotions.
Psychic BladeConjures a deadly blade of psychic force.
ShardmindCrystalline warrior seeking shards of psionic energy to construct the Living Gate.

Minor Dreams


AstronomerWatches the stars and gains bonuses at night.
Beast MasterCommands animals with ease.
ChroniclerRecords adventures for posterity.
CraftsmanMaster of making mundane items.
DevoutFollower of a religion.
DiplomatPrefers words to swords.
ExperiencerGains the most out of every experience.
FamiliarAllows a spellcaster to have a small companion.
FanaticCrazed religious warrior.
GuardProtector of the weak.
GuideKnowledgeable of the wild places of the world.
HeadsmanSpecialized at execution.
HorsemanDeadly mounted combatant.
Jack-of-all-tradesSkilled at a variety of tasks.
LeaderIssues commands to bolster allies.
MapmakerMaps out the wild places of the world.
MarksmanAdept with ranged weapons.
MerchantOwner of a shop with hopes at getting rich.
MinerPlunders the depth of Ava for valuables.
Power MageUnleashes the raw power of magic.
Prodigal SonHeir to nobility and great wealth.
Pub FighterAt home in a bar fight.
RebelFreedom fighter set against all oppression.
SageKnower of secrets and lost lore.
ScoundrelDaring ruffian fond of brash tactics.
ScionElite hero destined for greatness.
ScoutExplores and traverses the lands beyond trails and roads.
SlaveOppressed laborer searching for freedom.
SlaverOppressor looking to force others to bow down.
SwashbucklerSea-faring brute with a knack for daring acts.
Tattooed MysticUses the magic of inked skin to empower spells.
Test SubjectManipulated by spell experimentation to produce a resilience to magic.
Torch-bearerHolds the light aloft so that other might follow.
TrapmasterWorks with deadly traps to ambush prey.
Weave WenderExchanges spells for other spells by careful manipulation.
WhipmasterSpecializes in whipping things.


LolthtouchedLolth’s chosen Drow, capable of dark magic.
RazorstormBladelings adept at using their natural weapons.
Elder SonA dragonborn who hearkens back to the ancient time of dragons.
StonekinTrue dwarves are as tough as stone.
High ElfEladrin profess magic ability and intense study through their long years of life.
True SylvanElves wander the world with incredible combat prowess.
GiantkinGoliaths manifesting the true powers of giants.
True TricksterA gnome dedicated to making mischief.
WandererA halfling ready to greet the world.
Henge-sanHengeyokai who revel in the myriad forms they possess.
Horned KingProphesied minotaur striving to claim the throne of Lanobentos from Baphomet.
WanderlustA satyr eager to roam the world for ages.
WerewolfShifters who truly give in to their bestial natures.
Prince of HellTiefling scion embracing the diabolical forces of hell.
VampireA paragon of vryloka ways, bloodthirsty and vicious.

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