“I bit an eye stalk off a beholder once.” – Dangero Lexecant, the most interesting man in Ava

Regular feats have two components. First is the actual feat you must accomplish, tracking your progress as you adventure. The second is the permanent benefit you acquire when you accomplish the feat. You can have up to 10 feats you are working towards. You can only work toward a feat when you’ve selected it as one of your 10. At any time you can abandon working toward a feat, but you lose all progress working toward that feat. Once you have achieved a feat, it occupies one of your 10 slots, and it can not be removed.

Addict Bonus to Fortitude for using drugs
Alchoholic Bonus to Fortitude for drinking
Awareness Perception bonus
Cannibal Restore health by eating people
Calloused Bonus for walking a lot
Clotted Resist bleeding damage
Combat Medic Bonus to healing in combat
Controlled Magic Reduce Misfire chance
Daredevil Bonus for daring acts
Deadeye Bonus for ranged crits
Debilitating Magic Spells that deal status effects harder to dispel
Devastating Critical Bonus for crits
Devil-Hater Bonus vs devils
Diehard Bonus to death saving throws.
Dirty Fighter Bonus for cruel tricks in combat
Do a Barrel Roll Bonus for Tumble
Drow-Hater Bonus vs drow
Elemental Focus Bonus to certain type of damage with spells
Eschew Materials Cast spells with fewer material components
Executioner Bonus vs prone targets
Expensive Bonus for being rich
Fey-Hater Bonus vs fey
Goblin-Hater Bonus vs goblinoids
Gnoll-Hater Bonus vs gnolls
Great Fortitude Bonus to Fortitude
Helpful Bonus to aid other
Idealogue Bonus to many skills for having extreme alignment
Improved Initiative Bonus to Initiative
Insightful Bonus to Insight
Insomniac Bonus for Survival and vs sleep spells for not sleeping
Iron Will Bonus to Will
Legendary Lumberjack Manliness bonuses
Linguist Bonus to Will for knowing languages
Lucky Bonus for being so good.
Mark of the Dragon Bonus to damage for devotion to Dragon worship
Master of Disguise Bonus to Bluff for disguises
Orc-Hater Bonus vs Orcs
Pacifist Bonus to skills, healing, and defenses for doing 0 damage
Pack Mule Bonus to carrying stuff
Persuasive Bonus to interaction skills
Philanthropist Bonus to alignment for helping poor
Pin Cushion Resist piercing damage
Point-Blank Shot Bonus to ranged weapon attacks in close range
Psychopath Bonus to skills, damage, penalty to Will for random killings
Punching Bag Resist bludgeoning damage
Quickened Spell Cast spells quicker than normal
Ruthless Bonus to damage for hitting incapacitated targets
Scarred Resist slashing damage
Silent Spell Cast spells without vocal components.
Skillful Bonus to skills
Smasher Bonus to breaking things
Snake Charmer Bonus vs snakes
Snow Shoes Bonus for walking in snow
Soul for Sale Defense bonuses for selling soul to devils
Spell Resistance Bonus to defense vs spells
Stealthy Bonus to Stealth
Steel Skin Bonus to AC
Still Spell Cast spells without somatic components
Sturdy Bonus vs Bull Rush or getting knocked prone
Thug Bonus to skills for thuggish acts
Tough Mudder Bonus for walking through mud
Toughness Bonus to HP
Uncanny Dodge Bonus to Reflex
Unlucky Pity bonus for sucking
Weapon Focus Bonus with certain kind of weapon
Zen Archery Use Wisdom for ranged attacks

The following minor feats take up one of your ten slots as normal, but do not require any particular achievement to unlock their bonuses. These bonuses are minor and usually circumstantial, but are only available to a dreamer at character creation.

Athlete Bonus to Athletics
Big Ears Easier to hear
Bookworm Bonus to knowledge for reading
Brave Bonus vs fear
Bully Bonus to Intimidate
Childlike Bonus to some Charisma checks
Conflicted Harder to gain certain alignment points
Creepy Bonus to skills for creeping
Dungeon Denizen Bonus to Dungeoneering
Eagle Eyes Easily spots things
Fey Blood Bonus to Arcana
Firm Grip Harder to disarm
Gambler Bonus for betting on rolls
Graceful Bonus to Balance
Greedy Bonus to Appraise
Honest Bonus to Diplomacy
Hood Rat Bonus to Streetwise
Horse Whisperer Bonus to Handle Animal with horses
Hot Tempered Bonus to Intimidate
Inspiring Bonus to Diplomacy
Jaded Bonus vs checks to convince you of something
Kleptomaniac Bonus to Steal
Liar Bonus to Bluff
Monkey Feet Bonus to Climb
Nimble Fingers Bonus to Handle Rope
Quiet Bonus to Stealth
Reckless Bonus to risky rolls
Slippery Bonus to escape grabs
Speedy Moves quickly when needed
Steady Hands Bonus to Heal
Thirsty Drink quickly
Transporter Bonus to Drive
Trap Spotter Bonus to look for traps
Webbed Toes Bonus to Swim

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