Animate Corpse

Casting Time: 1 Standard
Range: 6 squares
Target: One lifeless corpse no larger than Large
Roll: Intelligence
Components: “Ex-ra-an-ka-mor-ta-ros”, Focus aimed at corpse, 16 oz. embalming fluid (16 gp, expended)
Recharge: None
Effect: The target corpse animates and does your bidding. Following the round after you cast this spell, the corpse stays “alive” for a number of rounds equal to twice your Intelligence check. You must use a minor action to control the corpse. The corpse has the following statistics:

HP: 30
AC 11, Fort: + 6, Ref: + 0, Will: – 3
STR: 16
CON: 18
DEX: 8
INT: 0
WIS: 2
CHA: 2

Speed: 5

Resist: Necrotic, Bludgeoning
Vulnerable: Radiant

Slam attack: + 6 vs AC, 1d8 + 3 bludgeoning damage and 1d6 poison damage.
Bite attack: + 6 vs AC, 1d6 piercing damage and the corpse regains as many hit points.
Corpse explosion: Free action when the animated corpse is reduced to 0 hit points, close burst 1, + 4 vs Reflex, 2d6 acid damage.

Misfire: 9% – The spell fails.



Animate Corpse

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