Bubbling Fog

Casting Time: 1 Standard and Minor
Range: Close burst 10 centered on cauldron
Target: Area in burst
Roll: None
Components: “Obskuris Noseezit!”, a piece of dry ice thrown into a cauldron (20 gp, expended)
Recharge: 1 day
Effect: A thick cloud of bubbling fog fills the area. This spell creates a zone of heavily obscured fog that has the following effects:

  • Light sources are dimmed, only providing light out to half their normal distance.
  • The magic of the fog empowers spells, granting a + 2 bonus to damage of any spell cast in the area.
  • Any creature attempting to hide in the zone makes its Stealth check with advantage.
  • The fog is so thick it imposes a -1 penalty to speed and creatures that fall through the zone treat the fall as 10 ft. less for determining damage.

The fog is permanent unless a gust of wind dispels it, or if you dispel it as a Standard action.

Misfire: 8% – The spell fails.



Bubbling Fog

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