Call Moot

Casting Time: 1 hour
Range: 1,000 miles
Target: All druids and their allies in range
Roll: None
Components: An established henge, a gilded ram’s horn (30 gp, reusable)
Recharge: 3 weeks
Effect: You summon forth the druids of the area to discuss matters of grave importance. When the spell is cast, a portal appears in front of all druids and their allies in range, allowing them to teleport to the henge where you are located. For the next 5 minutes the portals remain open, but a creature is under no compulsion to enter through them; it can simply avoid it or wait until the portal closes. Creatures that do step through appear within the henge. A moot has the following regulations:

  • A moot can last no longer than 1 hour. At the end of the meeting, all creatures that were teleported to the henge are sent back to their original locations.
  • Absolutely no creature is allowed to attack another creature for the duration of the moot. A creature that attempts to do so is teleported outside of the moot and is banned from all further moots.
  • A moot can only be called to discuss matters of grave importance. If the matter is deemed too trivial for the affairs of druids, or is used for an ulterior motive, the moot is called off early and creatures present can choose to return to their original locations.
  • If the druids present decide by majority vote that action needs to be taken, they can choose for themselves and their allies to remain at the moot instead of being teleported back to their original location.

Misfire: None



Call Moot

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