Casting Time: 1 Standard
Range: Close burst 4
Target: Area in burst
Roll: Wisdom
Components: Focus held aloft, “Divina tera!”
Recharge: 3 days
Effect: The area around you becomes filled with a holy presence. The burst creates a zone that lasts for 30 minutes. Any desecrated object in the zone becomes a normal object, and any normal object becomes consecrated. A consecrated object has twice as many hit points as normal, and grants any Good-aligned creature that uses it + 1 on all attacks or checks to use the object as it was intended. The zone also deals 1d8 radiant damage to all Evil-aligned or unnatural creatures in the area, and such creatures must make a Will save vs your Wisdom check or be forced to leave the area. Finally, spells and attacks that deal radiant damage that are used in the area deal an additional + 1d8 radiant damage. Consecrate counters and is countered by Desecrate.
Misfire: None





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