“A long time ago, magic had no form. It ran rampant throughout Ava, uncontrolled, unstudied, wild. But that was a time of disaster and great ruin. Through the efforts of the Magrocy for the past three thousand years, we have captured the essence of magic and save our frail world from absolute ruin.”

So reads the renewed charter of the Magrocy, as given on its three thousandth anniversary by the High Archwizard Threkandlis to an assembly of all the Archwizards and Magisters that follow the traditions of the institution. Indeed, were it not for the Magrocy, magic would be very different on Ava, but no one is certain if it would be for better or worse…

The Magrocy has its origins with the ancient dragons of Palus, who tampered with magic for their own nefarious means. Seeing the lesser scale-less races toy with this awesome power gave them great alarm, so they focused their efforts into constructing a great tower as a nexus of sorts for magical research. Ancient and terrible wyrms would flock to the tower to learn greater and greater spells, unleashing them on their subjects without care or remorse. Only the select few non-dragons were allowed to learn at the Magrocy, and among these chosen ones was a human by the name of Vestris.

Vestris was a humble hedge wizard, if the stories can be believed, who diligently studied the workings of magic under dragon wings and dire threats. He had a fair mastery over many sorts of different spells, but the most powerful magic was out of his grasp, strictly controlled by the dragons. Being cleverer than most, he proposed to the ancient draconic council that there would be great danger in their future were magic to continue


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